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Our air conditioning service

As an established air conditioning firm, our team at The Air Conditioning & Ventilation Co can provide a comprehensive service for homes, businesses and even mobile homes. We’re based in Peterborough, get in touch for assistance.

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What we do

Without regular maintenance, the performance and reliability of your AC system can be compromised. That can mean increased energy bills, a shorter overall lifespan and the potential for major problems that can be very expensive to fix. We’re the answer to that. We have a number of service and maintenance contracts available, all backed by an expert team who consistently provide a prompt service. All our vans are fully equipped and given that we have a generous supply of spares, we can usually provide fixes on the day. We’ll keep that AC system working for you.


For any query, please get in touch with our team at The Air Conditioning & Ventilation Co using the details below:

0800 488 0421

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Commercial AC systems

If you don’t have an AC system or the one you have isn’t doing the job it should, then that can have a negative knock-on effect when it comes to your business and how it operates. Uncomfortable employees are not as productive and overheated computer systems slow down. The VRV air conditioning systems we can install combat this and are ideal for large, open work areas. They’re also incredibly efficient and you can manipulate temperature for specific work areas if required. We only use equipment from leading brands, so if you’re looking to install an AC system – whether it’s a server room, a leisure centre or anything in between – our team can design it, supply it and get it in place for you. Given that we can work in or outside office hours, you can even mitigate the amount of business disruption.

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Domestic AC systems

If your home gets hot in the summer and tends to stay that way, an AC system can make all the difference. Not only will it keep you cool, it’ll also keep the moisture at a minimum – meaning that the risk of any mould or mildew growth is mitigated. And that can only be a good thing when it comes to your home. Our team can install both an indoor and outdoor AC unit for your home, meaning a steady, even flow of air for your property. Given that it’s easy on the eye and it does its job quietly, you’ll hardly notice it’s there. But that’s not all: the outdoor unit will also rid the air of any impurities, like bacteria and dust particles, so that the overall quality of the air is that much greater. Excellent news for allergy sufferers!

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Mobile homes can be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter – how to fill the gap? The answer is an AC system. The systems we install can be used for either heating or cooling, and they’re all sourced from reputable brands like Fujitsu and Toshiba. You don’t pay over the odds to run them and the pipework – which comes in black, cream or white – can be painted so that it remains discreet. It all operates from a 13 amp plug and the lifespan is up there with the best. As there’s a three-year warranty, you’re not taking a chance with The Air Conditioning & Ventilation Co.

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Always be comfortable with an AC system from The Air Conditioning & Ventilation Co. Call now on 0800 488 0421

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