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Any questions about our AC service?

We do get a lot of similar enquiries regarding what we do and we’ve answered some of the most common ones below. For any other queries, feel free to get in touch with our team at The Air Conditioning & Ventilation Co directly. We’re based in Peterborough.

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How long does an installation take?

Around a day.

Is an air conditioning system the same as an HVAC system?

Not quite, as HVAC systems can heat the air as well as cool it. However, as most systems these days do offer both heating and cooling solutions, the terms are often used interchangeably.

Which AC system is best for my property?

It would depend on the property, which is why we always precede any quote with a site survey so we know what kind of system we need to work towards.

Do AC systems clean the air?

Most modern AC systems now incorporate filtering technology, which keeps irritants like dust mites out of your air, thereby making it cleaner and healthier.

Why your team?

With our air conditioning service, you get a complete design, supply and installation service for both homes and businesses. We provide a bespoke solution using equipment manufactured from the most established names in ventilation technology and our service is delivered by experienced engineers who are both SGAS and F GAS certified. Your system is in good hands with our team.


If you have any other questions regarding AC systems and our service, call now on 0880 488 0421!

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