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Air conditioning installation and maintenance

If you need an AC system installed or are looking to replace your existing one, then get in touch with our team at The Air Conditioning & Ventilation Co in Peterborough. We cover a 50-mile radius from our base.

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Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance: Welcome

A proper AC system is the right thing for your business

Nobody likes being too hot, especially in a work environment. If you’d prefer to have your workforce at their desk rather than outside catching a breather or hitting the water dispenser every five minutes, then a fully functioning AC system is a no-brainer. But it needs to be deployed in the right way, so that every area is covered and the energy bill isn’t higher than it needs to be. And you want clean air too, not air that’s riddled with dust and other pollutants. A healthy, comfortable workforce is a productive one, after all. And clean, cool air will also keep any tech at an even keel and mitigate any dust build-up. So how to get such a system in place? That’s where we can help.


For any query, please get in touch with our team at The Air Conditioning & Ventilation Co using the details below:

0800 488 0421

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Why our air conditioning installers?

What we can do at The Air Conditioning & Ventilation Co is design an air conditioning system that’s 100% tailored to your property, whether it’s your business premises or even your home. Fresh air will constantly be pumped into your building – at the right temperature and filtered too so that it’s clean as a whistle – and the tech used to do it will only be sourced from the best brands in the industry. Our fully trained team will take care of every aspect of the work and we promise a professional approach from start to finish. We even provide service contracts so that your system keeps performing to its optimum! With everything provided at a competitive rate, our 18 years in the industry and the fact that we’re both SGAS and F GAS certified, you can depend on our expert team to deliver the AC system that your property needs.

Air conditioning system

Our service contracts over:

  • Fan coil, drain and filter clean-ups

  • Electrical, temperature and performance checks

  • Detailed record-keeping for visibility

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Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance: Services
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For a bespoke AC solution that works for your home or your business, call our team now on 0800 488 0421!

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